Factors Affecting the Price of Tree Care

Many people wonder how we (or any tree company) estimates the price for each job we quote. In this blog series we’ll shed some light on what factors affect the price of tree care (and why we always need to see the job site in person before giving a proposal/quote).

#1 – Hazards

If there are structures/objects underneath or close to the tree being pruned/removed then the labour/time it takes to get the job done safely increases for our company. Thus, so does the price.

If your tree is hanging over a house, shed, pool, or any other structure that could be damaged, it is a greater risk for our company. In these situations, extra care must be taken and many pieces will need to be “roped” down (which is more time consuming and labourious).

Our skilled workers needs to be meticulous about each branch or piece of wood that is pruned/removed. Sometimes we also need to lay plywood down on top of roofs/structures, patios, walkways, etc. to help protect them during the tree pruning/removal.

These extra precautions add to the cost of labour and materials and can make your tree pruning/removal more expensive. However, these are important steps we need to take in order to protect your property.

It is our priority to safely and effectively prune/remove trees so that you can enjoy your back yard!

#2 Hydro

Working around Hydro lines is hazardous and extra time and precautions need to be taken to ensure a safe tree removal or pruning. This may affect the price because working with hydro is a higher risk and because it requires extra time and care.

#3 – Landscaping Features

Many customers have landscaping features in their yards that we need to be careful of while doing tree work. Pools, ornamental features, freshly laid sod/asphalt, patio stones/pavers, etc. are all things we take into consideration when quoting.

We do our best to move any items that may get damaged due to tree work, but if a tree is being pruned/removed around anything we can’t move, we rope down the branches/pieces of wood. Roping down branches and rigging the wood helps us avoid hitting or damaging any items. It also helps us avoid leaving divots in the grass/turf. The more rigging that needs to be done on a property, the more cost it will add to your project/quote.

There may also be additional labour costs if our crew isn’t able to have direct or straight access to the project. If they have to take a roundabout way to access the site (or if they have to walk uphill) that adds extra labour to the overall job cost.

#4 – Access on the Property

Where your tree(s) are placed on your property also affects the price of your tree job. Trees that are in a front yard are easier to access and there is less labour needed to move materials to our trucks/chippers.

Trees that are in a backyard can be more costly depending on what is around the tree and how far our crew needs to move materials to get the wood/branches/debris off your property. If there is a direct path, it is easier of course, but sometimes there isn’t a direct path and this adds to the complexity of the tree job.

The amount of time/labour needed and ease of access affects the overall price and is something our estimator takes into consideration when generating your quote.

# 5 – Taking or Leaving Materials

Much of the labour involved in tree work is having to remove the wood and brush from your property. The more our crew has to touch each piece of wood (and the further they have to walk with it), the more it will cost in labour.

If we remove the wood and brush, we use one of our chippers to grind it up. Chippers are costly machines and having that equipment on site also increases the cost. We also have to pay to dispose of the materials (unless of course you’d like the wood chips dumped on your property for you to use in your gardens instead).

Some homeowners think it will be less cost if we leave the wood but cut it into small pieces. This is not necessarily the case as cutting each piece of wood into manageable pieces is laborious, as is stacking it for our customers.

Some customers prefer for us to expertly remove the branches/trees and just leave them on the property for the homeowner to clean up.

Just remember that a tree branch/tree trunk is always bigger than it seems once it’s on the ground, so it can be a larger task than anticipated for some homeowners. Our Arborist can walk through all of the different options with you so you can find a service level that suits you (and your budget) best.

#6 Traffic Control/Roadways

Believe it or not, the street you live on can affect the price of your tree service. If you live on a highway or busy road, extra precautions have to be taken to ensure the safety of our crew, equipment and your property.

Our crew will need to wear high-visibility clothing and we’ll have proper traffic control through the use of pilons and signs.

There is always more risk when you’re on a busy road and you may also get people (or cars) passing by who watch the crew working, which adds another element of safety control for our crew to manage.



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