We Offer Free Quotes!

Why do we offer Free Quotes? (and why does Jason have to do a site visit?)

We always offer free estimates to our customers because no two tree jobs are the same. Each quote is a written proposal with all taxes included so there are no surprises or hidden fees. Each tree is unique and the property/surroundings are unique as well, which is why we cannot give a quote over the phone. Hilltop’s Owner/Head Arborist, Jason Morris, will come to your house to go over the scope of work with you. It is always better to have the customer home so that you can explain what work you’d like done and so that Jason can answer any questions you may have. However, if you are not able to be home, he can also do a site visit and leave a quote in the mailbox. He is happy to talk with you on the phone to explain the quote in more detail or answer questions if you have them.

While we try our best to be timely for quotes, sometimes weather, unexpected jobsite issues, traffic, or even extra customer questions can change the quote times. We try to give a time frame for all customers, but if Jason is behind schedule he may be delayed or have to reschedule your quote. You can call him to check in at 416-996-9338.

Thanks for calling Hilltop for all of your tree care needs, we look forward to our job site visits and to meeting our customers.



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