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Are you in need of natural mulch? For free? If you live in Hilltop’s service area, mainly Halton and Peel regions, it will be delivered at no cost.

Does it come in bags?

The mulch is generated from local tree service jobs, like tree pruning and removal completed by Hilltop Tree Care. This is natural mulch, much like what you would see in city parks — it is not like the bleached or dyed mulch you find in bags at your local gardening store.

The mulch is decomposed and natural only, it is not made from particle board or other used materials like many store purchased mulch. This natural mulch is nutrient filled and green upon arrival, it will bleach out by the sun in a few weeks — making your garden stronger and more beautiful.

What’s the catch?

It’s a positive choice Hilltop tries to make — there is a cost to the business either way with labour and delivery to your garden or fees at the city dump. The mulch will otherwise indefinitely end up in the local dump, and Hilltop would rather recycle it than dump it. The only two requirements are that you live in the service area and you are able to take the entire load (approximately five yards).

Please call (416-996-9338) or email Hilltop to make arrangements.

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